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Manifestation & the law of attraction are powerful tools to help create your best life, and candles & crystals can really complement & give your goals a real boost. I have followed the law of attraction for about a year and my candles have played a big part of this, and now I'd love to share this passion with you too. Here you will find five different candles, for five different aspects of manifestation, Love, Success, Health, Wealth & Travel. Each candle comes with two crystals which correlates with the goal which you are aiming for, this is also the case for the scent of the candles too. Below are the scents that the candles are, and also the crystals that you will receive...

LOVE - Rose - Rose Quartz

HEALTH - Lavender - Apatite & Amber

SUCCESS - Patchouli - Citrine & Ametrine

WEALTH - Cinnamon - Pyrite

TRAVEL - Mandarin Orange - Emerald

So why not start manifesting the life that you desire, and let Silly Old Bear Candles® help you!

Manifestation Candles

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